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18 May 2022 0

A limited supply of ultra rare El Paso Verse Characters redeemable for exclusive screening rights to watch NFT Motion: Cimarrón: One Too Many is now trading on OpenSea.

About Cimarrón: 

The first NFT Motion in the 16mm collection, Cimarrón: One Too Many, is based on: Masterson, L (1973), Cimarrón (no. 24), Chapters 8,9 and 10, Kjell Hallbing Forlag.

It has been adapted for the screen, minted and shooting on 16mm motion picture film, to be screened exclusively* to owners of El Paso Verse characters #001 – 006


15 May 2022 1


Watch the intro video for El Paso Verse. Creator and show-runner Ryan Wiik explains fundamentals of NFT Motion as a new entertainment format. For further reading go to roadmap on this site.

Follow link below to watch YouTube video:




28 April 2022 0

Kamara, through its affiliate, Masterson Motion SL have acquired an exclusive IP license agreement with Swiss based rights management company Aktor AG.

The agreement grants Kamara the right to produce entertainment based on the following three book titles published by Louis Masterson;

  • Cimarrón
  • Rawlins
  • Honors Bloody Road

Screen adaptations from these books are in various stages of production with Kamara Studios in Almeria, Spain. Motion pictures will be released and distributed exclusively as NFT Motion in the El Paso Verse.

Click to read find further information about Kamara.